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Google vs Apple – It’s On

Steve Jobs is now attacking Google personally (in between explaining that the reason the iPad doens’t have Flash is because it’s the only reason that the otherwise perfect Macs crash) that gives us some insight into the level of paranoia in the noggin of the man who runs Apple.

Google is increasingly becoming a rival for Apple, but Google is not out to “kill the iPhone” as Steve Jobs insists. Google wouldn’t even be this focused on the mobile market, if it wasn’t for Apple keeping its apps out. Google wants to make sure its apps are omnipresent and Jobs’ control freak nature has turned the App store into a gated community. Which has forced Google to push for open standards so its apps can dominate the mobile market.

Considering the popularity of Google products, it would have been smarter for Jobs to maintain an alliance with Google, instead of turning to Microsoft, as the company has begun to do. Because Microsoft is virtually irrelevant outside of the desktop OS and the console, not areas where Apple needs anything anyway. By contrast the fight with Google may indeed end up killing the iPhone, while Apple’s control freakness makes it obvious that they want a restricted environment in which many of the Google Apps that people have come to rely on have no place.

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