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Google Tries to Compete with Wikipedia

Remember Google Answers? Remember how badly Google Answers got slapped around by Yahoo Answers? Well now that Jimmy Wales is about to unveil Wikisaria, a Wiki based search engine, Google is trying to compete by continuing their trend of rolling out projects that have no hope of succeeding and that no one could want. Froogle, Google Video and Google Answers meet the Knol Project. Yes despite the fact that Google itself made Wikipedia a giant success, Google hopes that the awkwardly named Knol Project will lure away users enamored by its stupid name and its commitment to only allowing registered users to edit stuff and tying their names to their identities or whatever. I’m sure this mammoth disaster will have Google AdSense all over it and very little sense. About the only Wiki projects that succeed are smaller scale niche ones, Google is trying to create an alternative to something that already exists and that it has no real ability to improve on and likely no commitment beyond a way to find something for the thousands of freshly minted grads they’ve snapped up to do. Good luck Google.

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