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Google Takes Double Click and the End of Privacy is Here

Like Darth Vader donning his helmet to the strains of John Williams or Dracula’s lips pulling back to reveal the pointed fangs, Google’s acquisition of Double Click completes Google’s transformation into the most evil internet company around. Something their motto should have been a dead giveaway for.

If Double Click once carried that legend, Google has now consumed it to create a company dedicated to privacy violation on an unprecedented scale. Neither the US nor the EU could stop Google, something its new lobbying arm and its sudden interest in charitable work, no doubt played their part. And when Jimmy Wales ventured out with his competing Wikia search engine, he was suddenly enveloped in a sex scandal after conversations on Google Talk. Now I’m not minded to be too much of a conspiracy theorist but Wales in his IM chats appeared to have the same concerns about Google’s privacy and his chat records, as anyone who knows what Google is really capable of, does.

Where Microsoft tackled open source by destroying the product, Google did it by trying to destroy the man. It’s ugly and it’s exactly what you would expect from a company dedicated to a clean image and dirty covert tactics against anyone that gets in their way. Wikipedia has long been the beneficiary of Google’s favoritism but Wikia resulted in a slap across the nose. Google may not be strong enough to take on eBay yet, but it’s happy enough to see Microsoft and Yahoo, its two key search competitors tear each other apart, while Google softly eggs them on, by making empty promises to each side in order to prolong the pain.

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