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Google Isn’t Going Away

In all the hype over the favorites of the technocrati crowd, the overpowering enthusiasm for the toys of the 20 something media crowd, from Facebook to the iPhone, it’s worth remembering that Google isn’t going anywhere. Google Orkut may not have gone anywhere, but Google OpenSocial is emerging as a serious performer out of the gate and a place for companies threatened by Facebook’s growing success to rally around.

And more details are now emerging about the Google Phone. While in the end for all the hype, including Time Magazines shamelessly pandering by naming the iPhone the invention of 2007, the iPhone is nothing more than a shiny fancy gadget. Google’s dive into telecommunications by contrast, with the Google Phone and Open Access may well herald a genuine revolution for cell phone users, one that Time Magazine should be covering instead of giving Steve Jobs another thorough tongue bath.

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