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Google Cuts Record Retention to Year and a Half

So now instead of keeping your search records for two years, Google will only keep them for a year and a half. Unsurprisingly this is an underwhelming move that isn’t likely to pacify privacy advocates. The problem is that Google is consolidating information from too many records and sources of information and boiling them together into a massive database which when combined with DoubleClick makes google the biggest threat to privacy since your mom.

Now the blunt reality of it is that every other company would want to be in Google’s shoes and not just because Google gets to determine search engine ranking which can make and unmake companies. Data greed is basic and everyone is looking for a major chunk of the ad business. But Google has postured at not being evil and yet it’s maintaining a database on internet browsers that vastly rivals that of any other country’s intelligence services. Not a threat to privacy? The hell it isn’t.

But ultimately if it’s not going to be Google, then it’s going to be Yahoo or someone else. Barring truly anonymous browsing and using services that don’t keep records, we’re stuck in a transparent universe.

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