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Google vs Bing

Since the new rollout, Bing looks better than ever. And it even seems more responsive and more functional than Google. It looks like a next generation search engine should.

google privacyWill that help it? Maybe. Google has too much of a lead and too many users habituated to going to Google something. Microsoft has pulled out all the stops to change that. Bing has fewer letters and is easier to remember than Google. It’s friendlier and less cluttered. Does that make it better?

Going by personal experience, when my old Blogsome host went down, I switched over here. Google still has my old Blogsome site in the index even though it and the host have been gone for months. Bing has the new site and no mention of the old one.

Google may have the bigger index, but my impression is that Bing’s index is cleaner.


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