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Good Hobbits and Bad Hobbits Today in American Life

While thanks to J.R.R. Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings as well as the three Lord of the Rings movies, millions of Americans are now familiar with hobbits as depicted in this pre-history of England, fewer are aware that hobbits continue to now live amongst us in the United States. Here are some notable hobbits you should be aware of.

Good Hobbit

Warwick Davis – Beloved for his ability to terrify small children by transforming into a scary Irish stereotype, Warwick Davis brought a green shamrock tinged fear to the hearts of many and helped Jennifer Aniston get her start in movies in exchange for a brief bit of couch casting. (He was the one standing on the couch.)

Good Hobbit

Ray Walston – Whether as Uncle Martin on My Favorite Martian, that gardener guy on Star Trek or the crazy judge on David E. Kelley’s crazy show about smalltown life as seen by David E. Kelley or the high school teacher who made Sean Penn’s life so tough before he decided to support Saddam, Ray Walston lit up the small screen.

Bad Hobbit

Ron Paul – While hobbits are often eccentric and fearful of big government (because they are so small) Ron Paul takes hobbit eccentricity to a whole new level with his crazed old man ramblings about the federal reserve and the freemasons and spends way too much time hanging around the Aryan Nations compound. This officially makes Ron Paul into one very bad hobbit.

This has been another edition of Good Hobbit, Bad Hobbit. Join us next week for another edition. In fact why don’t you make a hobbit out of it.

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  • Jennifer Kennedy December 15, 2007 at 6:58 pm


    i think you should more about Ron Paul and the you will understand the real meaning of what he is trying ot do. His views sound radical but once you understand the bigger picture then you will see why he is trying so hard.

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