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Gods of Star Trek – Part 8

> Or for any philosophy reported or imaginable, for that matter –
> physical sciences first and foremost. Which sort of leads directly

Physical sciences aren’t a philosophy but a discipline. They’re a means
of finding real answers to questions, quantum theory excepted.

> to the obvious lemma that people are prone to developing systems that
> lead to evil results, and the details or outlines of the systems
> themselves are of no actual consequence or importance to the issue.

They are. Philosophies are built with certain agendas and purposes in
mind and the consenquences reflect those purposes. Communism, Nazim,
Judeo-Christian monotheism all their evils reflect the built in agendas
of these philosophies.

> Whatever we come up with has the properties inherent in ourselves,
> and will offer fertile ground for evil applications. It’s all a
> matter of living with this and making the best out of it.

Whatever we come up with will reflect the purposes of its design. We can
kill someone with a book or a spatula but it takes work because it’s not
explicitly designed for this purpose. A gun or a a hunting knife on the
other hand are excellent tools for murder because this is what they have
been designed for.

So too human philosophies.

> And how has technological advancement disproven the existence of life after
> death? The existence of a “God” of some sort?
> You talk as if technology has/will somehow disprove these things.

How has it disproven leprechauns and the existance of witches? It

Technological advancement doesn’t exist to disprove superstition since
indeed most superstition can’t be disproved e.g. ghosts. Technological
advancement and science does help advance society a bit and raise the
bar for rational thought and eliminating a certain amount of
superstition and ignorance.

Science by definition can’t disprove superstitions but it’s advancement
helps limit their impact and spread on society.

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