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Gods of Star Trek – Part 12

I don’t “believe” in anything. I deal with what is proven whether it
involves the dirt in my backyard or the photons that help the things in
the dirt in my backyard grow. I do not indeed believe in the “friends
psychic hotline” and I will not spend 9.95 a second in order to get
advice from “higher spirtual entities” because I’m just one of those
widely criticised materialists who can’t accept the wondorous healing
powers of crystals.

But put it down to my smug materialist superiority.

> Your anger with “religion” is obvious, but your “proof” of it’s
> is seriously lacking.

I’m not angry at religion. I treat it with the same contempt as UFO
junkies, psychic friends or any other kind of spirtualist freak show.
But of course rather than defending religion, you resort to more
personal attacks in attempting to pretend that my statements reflect
some kind of personal neurosis.

This I assume are the debating tactics of people on your spirtually
elevated plane of reality.

> You again confuse personal belief in something beyond the
> physical/materiaal with a sociological grouping known as religion, and
> then prooclaim that the failings of the latter will lead to to the
> obliteration of the former.

Religion is just codified and organized superstition. Or in other words
religion is just a cultishpersonal belief in supernatutal things that
grows up and becomes a major entity.

And I don’t proclaim that the failings of organized religion will lead
to the decline of superstition but rather that the decline of
superstition will eradicate religion.

> While science and progress may weaken the influence of “The Church”
as a
> political entity and perhaps even a social entity, the
> philosophical/theological questions are of a seperate nature
> by progress or the lack thereof. That is to say, science (in the form
> of verifiable, repeatable experiments) can neither prove nor disprove
> the existence of that which may or may not exist beyond the realm of matter.

Science doesn’t address superstition. Science simply clarifies the
nature of the universe and its progress helps people abandon
superstition. It does not do direct battle with superstition except
when superstition attempts to explain natural events in accord with
their irrational belief systems, something science can address.

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