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Glen Morgan Bionic Woman’s Bionic Fallout

For anyone who actually cares about Bionic Woman and I can’t imagine why, considering that this relaunch seems to have all the excitement potential of Ugly Betty and seems to be aimed at the same demographic… the usual fallout is going on with Glen Morgan being forced out by David Eick.

I’m not exactly Glen Morgan’s biggest fan but picking between him and David Eick is a no brainer. And now that the Battlestar Galactica worship session is just about over, I imagine most can see it that way too. I mean how good is a show controlled by the producer of Hercules going to be exactly? I think that question basically answers itself. Say what you will about Glen Morgan but he thought out of the box. David Eick is the box. If you want shlock, look no further than his career working on someone else’s franchise and milking it dry. And then look at Glen Morgan, who succeed or fail, has a history of exploring new ideas. Bionic Woman was pretty much dead in the water long before it even aired. Now we can safely assume that it will suck even more.

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  • Nasser Epstein September 10, 2007 at 5:35 pm

    I totally agree. David Eick is a corporate puppet with self-indulgence oozing out his anal cavitiy. NBC may have had something interesting in Bionic Woman with Glenn Morgan’s creative touch, but now it’s likely to be a dribble of mindless action with hopeless one-liners.

  • Nasser Epstein September 10, 2007 at 5:38 pm

    David Eick is a joke.

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