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Give Me Everything You Got

The road out of darkness and to economic viability and peace and brotherhood with all content providers is bound to be a strange long one for YouTube despite its massive popularity and its Google big daddy. As has been noted before getting right with all the royalties and licenses is a complex and demanding task, especially since YouTube functions as a clearinghouse for videos and music in videos, creating the kind of complex legal gordian knots that makes lawyers chuckle and producers weep.

But now YouTube has managed to strike a unique agreement with the songwriter’s MCPS-PRS Alliance to pay a single flat fee for performance rights to all the music they have. That’s kind of like Sergey Brin walking into Virgin Megastore and saying, “Give me everything you got.” The fee is undisclosed but I can’t even begin to imagine how much we’re talking about and I have to wonder about this lack of transparency.

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