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Getting Rid of GoogleUpdate.exe for Good

Those of you who like me joined the mob and installed Google Chrome over the weekend, or if you’ve installed one of a number of pieces of Google software, you might have noticed a little surprise on your computer in your taskbar named GoogleUpdate.exe.

Not only does GoogleUpdate.exe run without telling you and not only is there no way to uninstall it, but it also takes up 1.5 meg, a ridiculous amount for an update program. Anyone who’s had to battle Apple’s QuickTime scheduler or RealPlayer’s Realsched knows how tough getting rid of these update pests can be, however looking in your startup files via CCleaner or Msconfig will do no good, because GoogleUpdate.exe doesn’t hang out there.

Instead go to your Scheduled Tasks by going to your programs folder and then Accessories and then System Tools and click on Scheduled Tasks, you should see GoogleUpdateTaskUser sitting snugly there, along with anything else that has wormed its way into your scheduled system tasks. If you don’t need it, time to kill it now. Simply delete or disable it by right clicking on it and unclick the check box on Enabled. This should disable GoogleUpdate.exe .

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