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Gawker Sells Consumerist

It would appear that Nick Denton knows the time of the whole blog empire thing is up and Gawker Media is dumping all but six of their most obnoxious and heavily trafficked blogs to some poor sucker, to any poor sucker, who will buy them. Consumerist now heads the list. Valleywag will probably follow next. Wonkette is already gone. So the core Gawker Media offering will probably come down to the eponymous Gawker, Defamer, Jezebel, Io9 and two others. Making something like Gawker Media profitable requires advertisers and ad income will slide along as companies tighten their belts and since blogs like Gawker and Defamer will heavily depend on advertisers hawking luxury goods, the first to tighten their belts in a tough economy, that means big trouble in little China. Blog empires have been heavily hyped but were never that meaningful. Blogging will never really be profitable except when done by one or two people in their spare time. Treating a blog as a magazine complete with employees is not a recipe for anything but staying marginally afloat even in the best of times.

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