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Galactica Prequel Caprica, Back from the Dead?

You can say one thing about the SciFi Channel, well no scratch that, you can say a whole bloody raft of things about the SciFi channel and most of them could not be run in a family publication, luckily this isn’t one but unluckily I don’t think a post filled with cursing is really the way to go. But the one thing you can say about the SciFi Channel was that if it was wholly and entirely staffed by vicodin addicted monkeys, its decision making skills could only improve.

Now the SciFi Channel had embraced Battlestar Galactica and the insane scheduling combined with Ron Moore’s lazy writing pretty much flushed the show down the toilet just as it hit the peak of its hype. With unimpressive ratings, a desperate SciFi Channel decided that the thing to do was slice its final season into two pieces and show it over two years, a proposal that went over with Battlestar Galactica’s remaining fans like a water balloon in the desert.

Well now with the WGA strike thrown into the mix, the SciFi Channel is now toying with the insanely crazy idea of reviving Caprica, a Battlestar Galactica prequel commissioned back when Battlestar Galactica was riding high and crazy people could contemplate a lawyer series set on Caprica, a prospect almost as nauseating as a four hour David E. Kelley commencement address at Harvard Law School.

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