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Futurama’s Schizophrenic Sixth Season

Okay after the DVD movies that are listed as the fifth season, it wasn’t too unreasonable to wonder how good the 6th season would futurama sucksactually be. The answer is that it’s kind of good actually, not the best, but there’s no question that there have been some pretty good episodes. But Season 6 has also been dysfunctional. On the one hand you have a lot of high concept episodes like The Duh-Vinci Code or A Clockwork Origin or The Late Philip J. Fry. These are high concept Science Fiction with a touch of satire. Then you have, what can only be called the Real World episodes, where everyone shouts a lot about some issue, holds a rally and fixes a social problem. Proposition Infinity was probably the worst of these because everyone was out of character and nothing that happened in the episode was even referenced later, and what with Amy and Bender falling in love and getting married in the episode, that stands out glaringly. But The Mutants Are Revolting was almost as bad. But why are they really so bad? The same reason that a lot of the earlier episodes like Killer App never took off. Because the great high concept episodes are covering up that the writers have lost touch with the characters, their interactions and their voices. That’s why even the high concept episodes don’t quite rank up there with the old Futurama. Only the Duh-Vinci Code and The Late Philip J. Fry actually capture some of what Futurama used to be.

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