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Futurama Rebirth

About halfway in, you start to hope and think that maybe Futurama Rebirth will actually be a great Futurama episode. Then you realize it’s an episode running on two jokes that recycles better material from older episodes. Then you realize that none of that even matters because you’ve been watching two robots interact and nothing you actually saw this half hour even matters. So whatever. Season 5 or Season 6 (depending on if you count the DVD movies as a season, which some do) starts out looking kind of like Season 4. A pale imitation. And if the DVD movies or Season 5 were overblown episodes without the right rhythm, the transition back to half hour shows has the opposite problem with episodes that feel like they have too much material to fit in, without the material really showing up. There are moments when you think Rebirth might be The Devil’s Hands Are Idle Playthings or The Sting, but it turns out to be disposable.

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