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Futurama in Trouble

Futurama ratings are bad and getting worse. Half the viewers are gone. And that’s not good. Which is a shame, because the Comedy Central Futurama isn’t bad. It was slow getting out of the gate, which might have turned off viewers and there have been a few stinkers, like the robo marriage episode, which had nothing to with the rest of the season and has never even been commented on afterward, but there were also great episodes. DaVinci as the idiot in an advanced civilization. The time machine that only goes forward. Okay last’s week’s body swapping episode was on the weak side, but you can’t argue with the Robo Hungarian Empire. Futurama has a syndication deal now, which might mean that 20th Century FOX has the money it wants. There’s a 100th episode coming up, but Futurama’s future is again endangered.

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