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Fun with Windows Update

In the wake of the Vista WGA disaster I still was not paying nearly enough attention to Windows Update and when I got a pop up about Windows wanting to install some sort of category update for Windows Media Player, foolishly enough I agreed.

One minute later I notice that Windows is installing Windows Media Player 11. Now no doubt Windows Media Player 11 represents a category update but that’s disingenuous and dishonest at best. Some people want Windows Media Player 11. I don’t. My media player works fine for me. I tried Windows Media Player 11 on my laptop. I found it unusable.

Yes the styling was very much Vista, but I don’t use Vista. It looked cool but after 5 minutes I still couldn’t manage to get it to simply keep playing the same track over and over again the way I like to when I’m working and find a song that gets me into the groove. So I dumped and I don’t want it.

Now I’m working again after wasting 15 minutes dealing with the aftermath of the problem, including using System Restore to jettison the unwanted update and now checking to see if the Subsystem Spooling error message I got about a dozen times on startup represents some sort of serious problem. But at least Windows Media Player is working again. Thanks Bill.

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