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From Jericho to Mars

Well the Save Veronica Mars campaign is definitely ramping up with lots and lots of Mars Bars being dumped on the CW. At least unlike the tons of nuts sent out by Jericho fans, someone could conceivably have a use for that many Mars Bars even if that someone is Dawn Ostroff who will eat them and promptly gain 800 pounds while turning diabetic. I guess that would be an appropriate punishment for the mess the CW has become.

But at the end of the day one grandstanding stunt may succeed, two are just redundant and the real problem is that Veronica Mars has no DVR loophole to drag it out and save it. Veronica Mars had a third season that was the result of network interference. Networks don’t interfere this much with shows they like. Jericho lost a lot of its viewers because of network interference but the disastrous break idea was one networks have widely acknowledged was a mistake. Nobody at the CW is prepared to acknowledge that their mutilation of Veronica Mars was at all the cause of any of its problems.

On paper Veronica Mars should be perfect for the CW but last year love seemed to turn to hate.

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