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Freedom, what a notion

For once a Verizon lawsuit has slim odds. Verizon’s lawyers have thoroughly reamed Vonage, intimidated YouTube but taking on the FCC may be too big a bite of them. The latest Verizon lawsuit against Open Access relies on yet another abuse of free speech to mean corporations have the right to do anything they want to customers. That’s cute in a grotesque sort of way.

Corporate lobbyists helped shoot down Net Neutrality by arguing that it interfered with free speech, backed by idiot collaborators like Ron Paul. whose ideal existence is a slave owning confederacy fueled by lots of drugs and no minorities except in chains. The corporate stooges in the White House and Congress got away with it but unfortunately over at the FCC, Kevin Martin has been growing increasingly sick of the way cable companies and telecom companies are monopolizing the system. The FCC made Open Access happen (no doubt to the weeping and teeth gnashing of idiot libertarians like the Ron Paul Rongoloids) which means we now have a shot at living in a world where we can actually have some freedom along with our cell phone.

Freedom, what a notion

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