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Frank Black to Appear in X-Files 2

Don’t get me wrong, I had a certain fondness for Millennium and Frank Black, at least the first year version before they brought in the FBI agents. For one thing Millennium was genuinely dark well after the X-Files had become a cartoon and then a senseless “Throw Anything Against the Wall and See If It Sticks” backed by high wattage cinematography and contempt for their own audience.

Now the X-Files viewer has grown up to campaign for Ron Paul and the X-Files series itself ended in a senseless mess little improved by the successful X-Files movie. Well with everything else he’s done ending up as a failure, Chris Carter is coming back to the conspiracy crowd with X-Files 2.

Of course with X-Files long off the air does anyone really care? Granted between the Troofers and half of the Ron Paul base, conspiracies are more popular than ever, but narrow demographics don’t make for a hit movie. And now apparently Lance Henrikssen has hinted none too subtly that he will be making an appearance in the movie. Of course since no one really watched Millenium either, it’s dubious that Lance will change that much.

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