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FOX Gets Hit with the Stupid Stick over Buffy Sing-A-Longs

You would think that FOX would actually want to cultivate a fan base around one of their properties. But of course then you’d be deeply wrong. Say what you will about Paramount, it recognized that Star Trek had an active and vital fanbase that was useful for promoting projects and marketing to. FOX though seems determined to treat Buffy fans like the enemy, from going along with the WB preemption of the Buffy Season 3 finale, one of the dumbest things done by any network, and trying to prosecute file sharers (one of the earliest triumphs of file sharing before P2P got big) to its downmarket treatment of Buffy and Angel, to an utterly pointless intervention against the Buffy the Musical sing-a-longs that actually bring value to the property.

Now personally I think the Sing-A-Longs are stupid. I also think Star Trek and Stormtrooper costumes are stupid. But there are people who love this sort of thing and while they’re doing it, they remain a committed and involved fanbase. Why not let them be, particularly because committed fanbases buy things. If Paramount went after every Star Trek convention, I doubt there would be anything of Star Trek left by now. Instead Star Trek fans have taken the lead in keeping Star Trek alive every time it was killed, creating motivation for Paramount to revive a valuable property. FOX needs to take a lesson from that about killing the golden goose.

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