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Fly Russian Jets and Die

Not satisfied with trying to seize the arctic, trying to start a war between Israel and Syria, supplying nuclear weapons to Iran, using radiation to assassinate his former KGB colleague who had gone over to the side, Vladimir Putin (anyone think Vladimir Putin is basically a James Bond villain at this point) wants to give Russia a role in the airline industry with its new Superjet.

Now for anyone who has followed the civilian airline industry in Russia, it’s basically a series of crashes followed by rapid and immediate coverups by the authorities. Russia has never cared much about civilian production and it tended to show. Of course that’s why Russia is headed into the regional air transport industry with the Superjet built by Sukhoi, best known for creating the range of SU combat jets and helicopters.

Russian civilian transport at the end of the day just isn’t reliable. It’s even less reliable now under Putin, which has respawned corruption on a whole new scale with Putin’s old KGB cronies functioning as gatekeepers to the industry, shaking down foreign corporations for bribes and concessions to continue operating in Russia. Right now over 10 percent of Russia’s GNP is estimated to be bribes. That’s a statistic right up there with Nigeria. A country that runs on that many bribes can simply not produce reliable products.

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