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Flight of the Conchords Live On

Like the formerly hot girl at the prom who has been dumped by her boyfriend, stood up by everyone else and had her best friend reveal all her social diseases, HBO is desperate to hang on to anything she can. Thus in a fit of insanity, HBO has decided to renew Flight of the Conchords, even though the only people who like or watch that show were born in Milwaukee, moved to New York and read the Onion every week and are sure that it only gets funnier.

On some level Flight of the Conchords is actually funny. Unfortunately it’s pretty much the same level as A Mighty Wind or say Arrested Development, which despite the insistent claims of endless TV critics, was not actually all that funny.

There is of course no surprise at all that Entourage is being renewed for a fifth season. After all it’s not as if HBO has many shows these days that people like to watch. I mean people of course, not TV critics. Entourage is of course showing its age these days and probably won’t make it another year but until then with Rome’s sets burned down, Chris Albrecht drunk and fired, Sopranos finished, John from Cincinatti canceled, HBO needs any show it can get.

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