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Fletch Keeps Bouncing

With the Weinsteins moving around, the attempt to get back to Fletch movies has been taking a very long time, especially since back in the day when Kevin Smith was supposed to be involved in them (Kiss of Death! Kiss of Death) back when the Weinsteins wanted Kevin Smith involved in everything and Kevin Smith thought he should be involved in everything, up to and including Superman. Back then Chevy Chase still thought he should be in Fletch. Probably they should have just put him in there since no movie has yet to be made. Call it the curse of the Chevy.

So far they’ve tried their usual cast of loveable TV losers. The most horrifying prospect had Zach Braff up in the role, an idea right up there with viral dementia. It would be like casting Martin Lawrence to play Sherlock Holmes especially since Zach Braff, unlike Martin Lawrence, can’t do either funny or cool, just pathetic nerdy, which is enough to get him the blonds but not enough to actually make anyone want to watch him.

Jason Lee had been talked about for a while and would be a great choice. Ryan Reynolds would be a middling one Joshua Jackson isn’t old enough or doesn’t look old enough to pull it off. Five years from now he might be good but let’s hope Fletch isn’t still bouncing around unmade. And now we’ve got John Krasinski in the mix.

It’s inevitable that the stars of a popular TV show are going to take their shot at movie roles but the problem with John Krasinski is he isn’t a star. His personality works great within the confines of The Office but try and move him off that halogen lit reservation and the whole scheme falls apart, as License to Wed makes clear. And really, Jason Lee is a big enough star these days with My Name is Earl. And unlike Krasinski, Jason Lee is the real thing. He can do actual comedy and perform. Krasinski is basically Jerry Seinfeld. He can make sardonic reaction shots work but he can’t branch out into real performances.

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