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Five Star Trek Captains as Leaders

The age old or rather decades old debate has raged over which is the superior Star Trek Captain, Captain James Tiberius Kirk or Captain Jean Luc Picard. But of course as the decades wore on, the debate wore thin and newer Captains came along on newer Star Trek spinoffs which developed their own appreciative viewerships and Star Trek themed fan clubs. None might be able to command the high esteem of Kirk or Picard but then each had their own distinctive qualities and perhaps as with the original rivalry of Kirk and Spock, perhaps this is what really commands our loyalties, the affinity toward the qualities displayed in each that we admire and respect. The qualities of leadership.

Son of a brilliant scientist, Captain Archer is in many ways an explorer forced to become a soldier as he finds himself confronting a universe that is far less welcoming than the one his father’s legacy was meant to open. Instead Captain Archer’s frustration built up from watching his father’s work overshadowed by the achievements of the Vulcans now finds itself spilling over on the galaxy that remains far too large for human grasp.

Profiles in Leadership of Five Captains, Kirk, Picard, Sisko, Janeway and Archer

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