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Firefox Four Folderol

Yes Firefox 4 beat IE9’s record, which would be more of an achievement if anyone besides web developers actually waited to download a new version of IE. But while it looks faster, Firefox releases clog up with time, and I’m not so sure that Firefox 4 will be any different. For such a long delayed release, Firefox has its share of bugs and isn’t all that it’s cracked up to be.

What’s new? Pandering to power users mainly. More tab management features, for obsessive tab managers. Do No Track. And a few features that were already implemented in Chrome, from HTML5 to flash crashes not shutting down the browser. (Chrome’s new talk search update and icon adjustment is even more useless.) It’s underwhelming. And not too stable.

The visuals are Opera, but badly implemented and ugly. More like a bad hybrid of Opera and IE9. It’s annoying enough that I had to switch from the default look. Firefox used to be the cool alternative browser, but FF4 is a long way from those roots. Sorry guys.

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