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Firefly Burning in the Night of Space

“To help explain the concept of the Science Fiction TV show he was pitching to them, Gene Roddenberry once famously described his Star Trek proposal to befuddled television executives as “Wagon Train to the Stars.” If it was a metaphor on Star Trek, Joss Whedon took it entirely seriously with “Firefly” which freely mingles Western and Science Fiction themes to try and arrive at certain common denominators.

Science Fiction like few other genres on TV also seem to give birth to hopeless lost causes and desperate efforts to save dying shunned by viewers television show. The original Star Trek was certainly the most famous example of them all and Firefly’s battle for survival, brief flare of resurrection in the form of a motion picture, followed by the nothingness of the abyss, has its own mythos as well.”

Firefly on DVD – Half-Life of a SciFi TV Series

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