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Feed CW and CBS, Starve African Kiddies

Veronica MarsThat’s what I love about the misdirected passions of a consumeristic society. Over the past month thousands (hopefully not tens of thousands) have spent sizable chunks of their time, money and energy to ship massive amounts of nuts and now mars bars to CBS and the CW respectively (though they’re intertwined at the top anyway) to convince them not to cancel Jericho and Veronica Mars, respectfully.

Now I can take or leave Jericho and I had sort of a soft spot for Veronica Mars, despite it jumping the shark with the second season finale but really, when children are actually starving to death in Africa and large amounts of families in America are going without adequate nutrition, does anyone else see how insanely selfish this entire production is? What happened to just sending letters or emails or messages scrawled in your own blood?

It’s pretty sad that so many people can at short notice do the following:

Fan Deadline Monday, June 11. Because Monday 3 p.m. is the deadline to contribute to the Save Veronica Mars fund, the campaign hit some sort of fever pitch over the weekend, garnering half a ton of Mars Bars, Snickers and marshmallows. (Organizers bought out every Mars Bar in the U.S. within hours, and are reportedly close to exhausting available marshmallow supplies. My suggestion would be to add graham crackers so CW execs can create massive s’mores.)

but there are still children dying of malnutrition on a regular basis. You can’t help but think that this effort is significantly misapplied. Hey I’m a fan too but somehow the sight of using that much food as a gimmick to convince a TV network that people care is just downright repulsive in light of the fact that so many would kill for that food. I know America and Europe regularly waste tremendous amount of food anyway but you can’t help but feel sad that we can seem to rally this energy when it comes to our own TV entertainment but sit numbly by when so many suffer.

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