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Fear of a Gay Starship Captain

“With the premiere of ENTERPRISE officially set for September 26th @ 8:00
P.M., UPN has sent the first completed or near-completed footage in the form
of a two and a half-minute sales promotion tape to UPN affiliates across the
country. In what may perhaps become the newest ‘Star Trek’ tagline, Scott Bakula as
Captain Jonathan Archer has his own unique phrase, similar to Captain
Picard’s “make it so” or “engage”. When getting the Enterprise underway,
Captain Archer tells the helm, “straight and steady.”

Apparently Berman and Braga were worried that people might believe the rumors of a gay Starship Captain and thus they made sure to have Captain Archer clear that up by proclaiming his heterosexuality every time the ship launched.

Alternative possibly catch phrases might include, “Go to Warp 5 and please understand I mean this in a purely non-sexual way,” or “Fire on the Klingons but realize that I am not at all and not not want to have sex with other men.”

Then there’s the always popular, “Hard to starboard, and I don’t mean that in a gay way in the least.”

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