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Family Guy Getting a Cleveland Spinoff

Just what America didn’t need, another Family Guy spinoff. Family Guy has basically gotten to where it has by becoming the retarded version of the Simpsons before the Simpsons became the retarded version of the Simpsons (there is some debate about when exactly this happened, but probably around the time when “Homer Does Something Wacky This Week” became the default Simpsons story) but the last Family Guy spinoff created by a much too overconfident Fox and Seth MacFarlane, AKA Idiot Boy, AKA a MacFarlane almost as hateworthy as the Spawn one, didn’t exactly work.

Yes I know American Dad is still on the air and probably someone watches it, someone with a Patrick Stewart fetish, but it’s not funny even in the ways that Family Guy is funny. It’s just dead air with some voice acting. Now Seth MacFarlane is creating a Cleveland spinoff, something we needed on TV about as much as we needed The Biggest Loser Apprentice in which the fattest dieter becomes the apprentice to Donald Trump to see how much weight the stress will cause him or her to lose.

Now I’m guessing this is supposed to take Fox back to its Living Color roots or something, but it’s been proven by now that Seth MacFarlane can’t do anything but Family Guy and a Cleveland spinoff will basically be the Blackurate weather forecast with jokes about cops stopping black people. In other words retarded. More so than usual.

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