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Family Guy Blue Harvest

Fans of Family Guy might debate when exactly the show jumped the shark but it’s probably more accurate to say that it never jumped the shark because there was never any shark to jump. As South Park famously parodied it, Family Guy was always a sloppy mess of off the wall recombined and remixed pop culture references and buffoonery by Peter Griffin and that could only go on for so long. And Family Guy Blue Harvest, on TV or on DVD, is pretty much the same thing, a sloppy mess.

Star Wars has been parodied since the beginning with Spaceballs. Around the time George Lucas rereleased the original three movies, the parodies began taking off on TV, often on or via FOX. That 70’s Show on FOX did it. The Bob and Silent Jay movie took a whack at it. Robot Chicken did it recently, which Blue Harvest references around the end. So what does Family Guy Blue Harvest have to add to all that? Not very much. If you really wanted to see the Family Guy characters in Star Wars roles, this is the movie for you. If you want anything more than that, you’re out of luck.

Family Guy Blue Harvest isn’t unfunny, it’s just tired like the rest of Family Guy, it’s target audience is frat guys with a few beers in them who will be high fiving each other when a jive talking R2D2 leans a beretta sideways out of the window of the Millennium Falcon gangsta style and blows up a Tie Fighter. They’ll thrill to a 5 minute joke involving Peter trying to steal a couch from the Death Star, because let’s face it they’ll be wasted by then. But let’s face it, they’re about as undemanding an audience as you can get.

Family Guy isn’t really funny and neither is Blue Harvest. The jokes are easy, pot jokes, WMD Iraq jokes, fart jokes and most of the episode is exposition that’s actually more entertaining than the jokes. Rush Limbaugh, for some bizarre reason, makes an appearance and a few moments are actually funny, particularly around the Cantina scene of John Williams being murdered by the Empire and replaced by Danny Elfman but past the first half, it’s just a tedious retelling of a movie everyone knows interlaced with Peter/Han Solo being an idiot.

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