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Facebook: Aim for the MySpace Crowd, Get the Bad Publicity

With Facebook opening its doors to anyone and everyone, regardless of .edu domains and in doing so bringing in the MySpace crowd, its publicity has of course also attracted vultures, namely sex offenders and utterly useless politicians like New York State’s Mafioso Attorney General Andrew Cuomo who exists in his spot purely by nepotism and political corruption, in part because daddy was the former Gov and in part because Bill Clinton negotiated an agreement in the previous election in which Andy Cuomo took a dive.

Well now Andrew Cuomo has scented the smell of publicity and rushed to investigate Facebook. I’ll let him tell it,

“Facebook has the right to operate any type of Web site it deems fit,” Mr. Cuomo said in the letter. “It does not have the right to represent that its site is safe and that it promptly responds to complaints when such statements are not accurate.”

Does Facebook do that? And what’s safe anyway? Does safe mean that Facebook pre-screens everyone who joins its service or can vouch that no one bad joins Facebook? Of course not.

The subpoena is part of an investigation in which investigators from Mr. Cuomo’s office, posing as young teenagers, set up profiles on Facebook and received online sexual advances from adults within days, prosecutors said.

I hate to break the news to you guys but you can set up a profile anywhere and receive sexual advances, regardless of age, sex, level of sanity or status as a Buddhist monk. That’s the internet. I do have to wonder if those profiles even received actual advances or porn spam, of the kind that’s becoming increasingly common in Web 2.0 haunts like YouTube and Facebook?

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