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Everyone Jump on Board the iPhone Hype Bandwagon

There is hype and then there’s senseless hype. There are killer apps and then there are stupid apps. Guess which category this one belongs to?

The publishing world is linking up to the iPhone. HarperCollins announced Wednesday that it had set up a special link,, that will allow browsers to view excerpts from more than a dozen new releases, including Michael C. White’s “Soul Catcher” and Michael Korda’s “Ike,” a biography of President Eisenhower.

Okay now first and foremost, who exactly is so desperate to read Michael Korda’s biography of Eisenhower that they want to do it by the dim light of their iPhone. Reading books on computer is bad enough. Reading books on an iPhone screen is a sign of congenital insanity. I can read books on my own MP3 player but I choose not to. That’s what separates me from people who try to manually insert chips in their own heads.

This is a gimmick by both Apple to try and stretch the iPhone hypewagon just a little bit further and by HarperCollins to try and capitalize on some of that hype to promote their own books. Does this have any practical meaning? No it doesn’t.

The iPhone screen is still too small and dimly lit for a comfortable reading experience. Especially for anything more than a few paragraphs. It simply doesn’t work. And Apple’s lack of commitment to genuinely clean and clear fonts puts it even further behind in this game. The iPhone’s screen may be pretty but its fonts could use work.

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