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Everyone has their Fingers in the WikiPie

If there’s anything that the Wikiscanner showed quite aptly it’s both that Wikipedia has become a major online information source taken seriously by major organizations and that those same organizations are quite willing to tamper with and erase material from Wikipedia. The organizations involved cross all political lines as Wired’s Reddit listing demonstrates

WikidGame shows the list of organizations editing Wiki for their own self-interest and doing their little edit coverups ranging from the NRA to a Bishop’s office to Exxon to Amnesty International to Dell. And then there’s the vandalism coming from places like the ACLU, the CIA and the New York Times.

Of course what this really tells us is that the big boys are a lot like us, except they have more of an image to protect and they stupidly don’t bother with proxy servers or any real attempt to cover their own trails.

And then there’s the outright juvenile. Like this.

Someone at Apple apparently uploaded a picture of a penis and wrote below, ‘this is what i think of all of you wikipedia users’

Yes we know Apple thinks different but that’s a little too different. And that obsession continued further with Nick Dilton at the New York Times editing a Wikipedia entry to describe Condoleeza Rice as a “concert penis”. Funny you know if you’re like six and an embarrassing thing to get caught doing.

In a way the Wikiscanner is a defense of Wikipedia’s openness so that the same open ability to edit which makes Wikipedia vulnerable to tampering also openly reveals who is behind the tampering.

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