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Even Stargate Universe Beats Dollhouse

Is there anything that Dollhouse can’t or won’t lose to? Dollhouse managed to get beaten by a cable SciFi TV series, getting trashed by Stargate Universe. Which is sad when you consider that not only can’t Dollhouse beat the CW’s Smallville, even though FOX has more affiliates and better distribution, while the CW is actually on the way out. But Dollhouse can’t even beat a SciFi channel series, and when cable shows beat you, that’s a signal that it’s time to go.

Kevin Reilly obviously made the wrong choice by renewing Dollhouse instead of Terminator the Sarah Connor Chronicles, which for all its faults was not being slapped around by the SyFy channel. I hope keeping Eliza Dushku slash Seth MacFarlane happy was worth blowing millions just to lose to the SyFy channel. At this point the only thing for FOX to do is to pull the plug early. There’s no reason that the unwatchable disaster best known as Dollhouse should keep going, while Drive and Wonderfalls were tossed out the window at the first sign of low ratings.

Yes the die hard Whedonettes will whine and complain, but they’ll whine and complain anyway. And as for Seth MacFarlane, yes he’s programming all of FOX Sunday, but really what are his alternatives. Hugely bigoted and derivative cartoons are not exactly going to fly on ABC or NBC or CBS, even if they would have him. It’s either FOX or Comedy Central, and they have better content that MacFarlane couldn’t compete with in a thousand years. Canceling The Days of Ou… Dollhouse sooner, will open up room for another series, which might you know actually not suck.

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