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Evan Almighty – Shaving the Environment

I guess when a studio decided to greenlight a sequel to a Jim Carrey movie minus Jim Carrey and to top that off a Jim Carrey movie with the premise that has Jim Carrey gaining the powers of god, they really were running on faith.

I mean Evan Almighty is basically what happens when studio suits begin brainstorming and try to pile together the premise of the Santa Clause with bits of the story from the Eddie Murphy version of Dr. Doolittle of the flood that wiped out mankind and throw in the latest comedy star, Steve Carell. The problem is Steve Carell is hysterical in The Office, he was funny playing a particular character in The 40 Year Old Virgin but he simply can’t carry an expensive over the top comedy. It’s like asking Seth Rogen to star in a remake of Liar, Liar.

Now when you’ve dumped this much money on a movie which is basically a collection of ark building gags and after a few thousand years, those gags ain’t that funny and after 50 Eddie Murphy movies, neither are the wise cracking animals. So of course you can posture as an environmentalist film hoping to play off the Al Gore crowd.

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