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Eli Stone is Done

Call it another Bad Robot botch, Eli Stone improbably cast Johnny Lee Miller as a goofy mild mannered lawyer with visions. It’s mildly surprising that Miller was able to pull off the character so well, but it doesn’t change the fact that Eli Stone looks like a bad clone of any number of 80’s series and most damningly like a male version of Ally McBeal without David E. Kelley’s bile and crazy opinions and agendas to make things interesting, the mercury poisoning autism bit would be about as close as it got, a controversy you pretty much have to be in medicine to be interested in. But of course the worst part of it all was that ABC thought that Eli Stone could actually carry water for Lost, a hopeless prospect to put it mildly. Now Lost is falling but Eli Stone is falling even more dramatically, lacking any real means to sustain interest in the series. Lost can always pull a new trick from under its hat but Eli Stone is stuck.

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