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Eli Stone is Canceled

Like Pushing Daisies, this one is not exactly a surprise. Except unlike Pushing Daisies I don’t regret Eli Stone’s departure one bit. Probably the most annoying of the Bad Robot entries, Eli Stone was an odd cross of Touched by an Angel and Ally McBeal and it really didn’t work. Starring the guy who you really can’t believe used to date Angelina Jolie, Eli Stone was many things but watchable was not one of them, smug, irritating, bland all make the list however. The odd thing about Eli Stone is that it actually managed to reach a second season, despite its forgettable and mediocre footprint back in Season 1 when it first thanklessly rolled itself out. Like The Nine, this was an attempt at magical realism, that like Pushing Daisies, was neither magical nor realistic. But where Pushing Daisies had its oddball charm, Eli Stone was determinedly generic, generically inspirational, generically soulless and generically canceled.

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