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Eli Roth to Write and Direct Heroes Origins Episode

Why? I guess Heroes has grown stale in the way that can only be addressed by having some of the characters kidnapped by a gang of superhuman eastern european sadists who will slowly torture them to death. The Heroes audience ain’t exactly the typical Eli Roth audience, I mean they prefer to see the outside of people rather than their bloody insides but Eli Roth never ceases to surprise you with his legion of connections. He may have absolutely no talent. He may have just come off Hostel II bombing and taking torture porn with him but you can’t keep a good gorehound down.

Granted Hostel Origins, I mean Heroes Origins was pretty much an exercise in milking the cow anyway, the cow being Heroes and the milk bucket being an attempt to transform the series into a franchise. There are a line of comic books out on Heroes. I’m sure there are probably merchandising novels too stuck somewhere on the SF Barnes and Noble bookshelf between the Buffy, X-Files, Star Trek, Babylon 5, Terminator and all the other merchandising novels that have squeezed everything else out of Science Fiction… like original novels not written by S.M. Stirling or Alan Dean Foster.

But of course the problem is that while Heroes hasn’t jumped the shark, the enthusiasm has been noticeable dimming. Heroes got too popular, too fast and like Lost… there’s really not much place to go from there but down… downtown.

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