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EA Gives Up on Take Two

The game was officially over already with the release of Grand Theft Auto IV. Electronic Arts’ only real shot at getting Take Two and making the deal profitable was to close the deal before GTA 4 went on to make huge sales. Take Two managed to successfully stall the EA behemoth until then using poison pill tactics, and everything after that was just the bonus round. Take Two knew it was home free and EA knew it had lost, only the few embittered stock market junkies who buy up shares of companies they think will be targets and then scream and rant at the board when they refuse, even cared anymore. That doesn’t mean gaming industry consolidation is done by any means, but Take Two escaped the boarding party as EA doffed the black flag and sailed off into the Maxis sunset brought to you by Spore. This of course marks the failure of the third and last of the big three takeovers we were treated to during the summer, from Circuit City being claimed by Blockbuster video to Microsoft trying to take Yahoo to Electronic Arts heading for Take Two. All three collapsed because the way just wasn’t smooth enough, but in the cases of Yahoo and Take Two, the boards courageously held out until the would be suitors realized it was easier to take a willing company.

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