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Drew Carey vs Rosie O’Donnell for Price is Right?

With Drew Carey now supposedly in the running for Bob Barker’s old job versus Rosie O’Donnell who decided that it’s either this or mugging passerby for their sandwiches, it’s a contest between two overweight people for the job of a guy who looks like an embalmed living skeleton. Honestly I have no idea if this is a refreshing change or not and also I don’t care.

Drew Carey plays pretty well to Middle America so long as he keeps himself under control but at this point it’s skewing pretty young. Obviously the main demographic of Price is Right are middled aged housewives and people too drunk to change the channel or too old to know they can without being shipped to Siberia. Bob Barker played well to that demographic but Rosie would be nails and files on a chalkboard to them once she begins losing control of herself. Your average Price is Right viewer wants a somewhat dignified male host anyway and Drew Carey doesn’t exactly fit this demo. Drew Carey can best stand around and try improvising jokes when the moment falls flat, a routine that worked pretty well for Howie Mandel, along with a bout of headshaving.

On the other hand Price is Right people can’t help but look at the fact that thanks to Rosie O’Donnell, The Price is Right is actually in the news without Bob Barker having to proposition anyone or castrate their dog. That’s good stuff either way you look at it. On the hand when Rosie gets the gig and begins using it to explain to the audience that the price is always wrong because Bush was behind 9/11, they might begin wishing Bob Barker was back to his lewd dog castrating ways.

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