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Drafted 12 Comics review

Well to give Drafted credit, after issue after issue of predictably plodding plots, Drafted 12 finally delivers the sort of issue worth reading. It doesn’t quite justify the Battlestar Galactica cover comparison quote, but it does turn in a solid narrative beginning with Gabriel and Preston descending down into the earth, deep underground, in pursuit of the worm which is about to nest, even as the lone remaining member of the clergymen and his abductors, come face to face with the Worm and with what’s nesting inside, and it isn’t a whole bunch of other worms, but Audrey, or someone who looks a lot like Audrey and claims to be Audrey, who claims that the Worms are the victims and the aliens who came to Earth are the enemy.

It’s an interesting twist, and the first one that looks set to shake up the narrative a bit. Now the obvious route is that Audrey will prove to be a double or clone of some kind who is part of the Worms’ trap. But Drafted 12 does end on an ominous note with the invasion deferred as the aliens begin to rebuild Earth along Blade Runner lines, a brave new world. Gabriel alone and a handful of the resisters and the last remaining clergyman know the truth forming some kind of resistance. It’s an interesting setup for a second chapter.

Of course the basic gullibility of the characters, which is a problem all throughout Drafted, continues on. When the aliens first came along, most of the characters believe them with no real proof, now a second set of aliens come with a different story, and the characters are just eager to believe the same story. So as Drafted goes on, we might well discover that both alien species are only interested in fighting each other and don’t care about humanity or earth except as a tool to win their war. But the humans will really have to stop believing anything and everything an alien tells them.

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