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Don’t Copy That Floppy ,Yo!

You know how when the big companies try to reach out to kids, they inevitably… inevitably wind up looking so pathetically out of touch that the results are hilarious. Don’t Copy That Floppy was produced in 1992 by the SPA and not seen much until the advent of the internet. It looks circa 1983 but it was actually done well past the point where an MC Rapper was anything but a running joke. What’s noteworthy about Don’t Copy that Floppy is that it’s one of the few videos where the kids look painfully embarrassed by the whole thing and they can’t even see the MC doing his horrifying numbers.

Highlights including learning that the MC was a licensed attorney with a law degree and a degree in Russian languages and was a Legal Advisor to the Director of the Office of Human Rights in Washington, D.C. You have to wonder how that ended up and if Condoleeza Rice might not have had a whole other career on her hands if she’d been asked to do this video instead. Then there are tedious intermissions by Craig Dykstra, who also looks circa 1983, talking in a nasal drone about the wonders of Neverwinter Nights, who leeches all the energy out of the room.

The irony is that if you take a look at the MPAA’s ads very little has changed since 1992 or 1983. The MPAA’s ads are just slicker and more sophisticated versions of the SPA ads. They may not include the dancing MC but they offer the same pitch. The RIAA varies its ads with a campaign of terror that has not accomplished very much either.

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