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Domain Tasting on the Way Out

It may only be a trickle in the vast Yangtze river of spam that chokes the shores of Google’s search results but domain tasting is the source of a lot of the pervasively morphing spam results and frankly killing it is about time. The idea of a refund is valid but the kind of open ended refund combined with Google’s increasing lack of concern for actual search results vs junk has turned domain tasting into a search nightmare. So it may be bad news over in China and India, but ICANN may finally do the right thing and allow at least some kind of floodgates to be applied to spam river. Of course the problem with the morphing spam industry is that when you close one gate, the water just finds a hundred more to flow through and despite criminal prosecution and civil litigation, spam still remains more widespread and prevalent than it has ever been before, unfortunately.

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