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Dollhouse Really Really Dead Now

dollhouseWhat does stopped production plus Friday night timeslot equal? You got it, cancellation. While ratings expectations on FOX for Friday night these days have to be pretty low, and the budget for Dollhouse can’t be as bad as for something like Firefly, I don’t imagine that this is anything but the kiss of death for the series before it even aired. Yes FOX is advertising it a bit, with an emphasis on Joss Whedon, but by now just about everyone knows it’s dead.

I called it along mainly because I didn’t see how Joss Whedon or anyone could really do much with a concept that has a zombified protagonist and the early footage showcasing something that looked like a bland mix of Alias and Dark Angel only made it worse. Even at this late stage I have no idea why I should care about the story, and while the trailer for Dollhouse sets out some nice philosophical questions about memory and soul, I see no convincing reason that it will give me much of a story to go with them.

What I do see is a fairly generic cast besides Dushku, whom I’m not exactly a fan of, who is playing a character who gets reprogrammed each time out of the box. Again the key question is why should I care. This series seems to have been an impulse production and a big mistake all around, the stopped production and the constant script problems are only symptoms of the larger problem, which is that neither Joss Whedon nor anyone involved have a clue where this is going or what it’s meant to really be about. Well now Dollhouse has the Friday night time slot of death. Goodbye Dollhouse.

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