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Dollhouse Getting Closer, Huh

In its defense Dollhouse has gotten better in its second season, mainly because the episodes don’t revolve around Dushku doing the Pretender thing anymore. On the other hand the show is still stuck with a cast of people we don’t care very much about racing to stop the end of the world. Which would be more sympathetic if they weren’t responsible for creating it.

Still there’s no denying that The Attic was a good strong episode. If Dollhouse had more of those, it wouldn’t have been canceled in the first place. And then there’s Getting Closer which seems like a good episode, but packs a whole lot into 40 minutes and expects you to stow your brain and enjoy the shock value. Let’s begin with a plan that involves breaking into the DC Dollhouse and kidnapping Bennett to get at Caroline’s brain. Which is odd given how Topher can seem to do anything and everything else on his own.

Then there’s Topher’s ultimate weapon, which they never seem to build or use, even though it would be about the only way to actually win this war and defend themselves. Instead they sit around in the Dollhouse waiting to be invaded. There’s the return of our favorite NSA operative, who isn’t used to tip off the NSA and maybe get some government backup. And a thousand other missed chances. Instead there’s a twist ending that smacks of BSG’s Final Five and turns the entire two seasons into dog food. Well done? Not really.

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