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Dollhouse FOX Upfronts Trailer

The Dollhouse trailer from the upfronts is here and a good version is here if you’re really desperate to see it in all its glory. Bottom lining it though, it’s a mixed bag. The pilot looks a whole lot like Alias or Dark Angel. Secret organization using Actives or mindwiped men and women for anything from assassination to an escort service, FBI agent on their trail, anyone want to bet Echo will be falling in love with him soon enough?

The one thing Joss Whedon usually wasn’t was redundant, but not only does this look like a trickier and weaker version of Dark Angel or Alias, it lacks the trademark sense of humor and just feels dreary. I don’t regret the lack of Whedonese patter from the cast so far but I’m not really getting a sense of why I should care about the whole thing, which only continues the general impression I’ve gotten from this project. There’s no real style here and a difficult weighty premise that at the same too easily feeds into what’s been done before. A main character who’s a blank is a bit on the risky side at best.

Olivia Williams is really the star of the upfront trailer doing the narration and bearing the weight of projecting her personality onto the trailer, coming off a bit like a more human Lilah, which would work if the secret org is more Wolfram and Hart and less SD6. There’s the bunch of geek techs factor. But I’ll wait till I see more to pass any real judgment.

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