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Dollhouse Epitaph Two

Unlike a lot of viewers (okay not a lot of viewers) I wasn’t impressed by Epitaph One, which looked and played like an episode of the new Outer Limits. And Epitaph Two is really no better. I realize there was no budget left at this point, but Epitaph Two doesn’t even seem to bother nailing the writing either.

I’m not going to comment on the Mad Max retread outfits or the lame attempt at creating an army of techies, who still use thumb drives, and worship technology (without their leader knowing about it). But even without that, it’s still a long winding road of stupid. I realize that there was no makeup budget to make Echo and Ballard look at least a tiny bit older. But there’s also no budget for a return appearance by Whiskey, who was supposed to be in the Dollhouse, but there is one for a completely pointless appearance by Alpha, who’s now everyone’s best friend.

The Topher storyline reaches its fully stupid conclusion, as the man who can save the world, can’t build a timer into his incredible chain reaction causing device. And his plan involves resetting everyone’s brains, which just puts everyone right back where they started, so the wiping can keep right on going with a few more phone calls. And now Topher isn’t even around to undo this a second time. I have to hand it to Epitaph Two, because making a worse finale than the one in which Echo outruns an infinite explosion and the bad guy behind all this turns out to have spent 2 years hanging around with her takes real work. But Epitaph Two did it.

Congratulations are in order. Sorta.

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