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Dollhouse Drags Along

“And Whedon said that even if the show dies after the first 13 episode order of season two, the writers won’t feel like they held back any awesomeness. But that’s as long as they get to 13 episodes”

That’s Jed Whedon by the way, not Joss Whedon. Jed Whedon is the writer of such exciting Dollhouse episodes as “Hey, Let’s Get Stuck in a Bank Vault”, “Hey, Let’s Go on American Idol” and “Hey Let’s Have Echo Join a Cult So We Can Do Some Cutting Edge Storytelling From 1994”. And what with him and Joss Whedon’s wife writing episodes have only made the show stronger and better, as shows usually get stronger and better when people related to the showrunner write episodes, I think we’re all waiting with bated breath to see Dollhouse fulfill the same promises it made last year and then failed to fulfill. But I’m sure this year will be way better. I’m sure we won’t spend 13 episodes building up to Alan Tudyk playing a generic psycho or having Agent Kickboxing inexplicably decide to join the Dollhouse. Totally not. Just let Dollhouse make it to another 13 episodes and we’ll see groundbreaking storytelling that only a devoted Joss Whedon fanboy or fangirl could love. Like 99.99 percent of America, I’m not actually watching Dollhouse anymore, but my advice is that since Seth MacFarlane is about the only reason Dollhouse was renewed and Terminator Sarah Connor Chronicles was canceled, maybe they can just let him write all the episodes from now on.

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